Fashion TipsIn these times of high competition for jobs it’s important you do your best in all areas to impress your next prospective employer. This includes what you choose to wear at your next interview. Many people fail to take time to really think about what kind of outfit should be worn a job interview.

If you’re interviewing for a blue collar job or a position with a company that’s very laid back, it’s important you still dress professionally. This means men should wear at the very least a collared shirt and tie, slacks and dress shoes. Women should wear a nice pantsuit, a dress that’s no shorter than mid-thigh or a coordinating skirt and blouse (again, the skirt should be no shorter than mid-thigh).

In addition, women need to be concerned with more than just their clothing fashion sense. If you tend to wear heavy make-up, tone it down when attending an interview. Jewelry should compliment your chosen outfit, not over power the outfit. Go lightly on the perfume or cologne as many people are sensitive to certain scents. To assure your look is “pulled together” try to make sure your shoes and handbag colors match.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a great looking job interview wardrobe. You can build an entire wardrobe around some good basic pieces. Maybe you’re the kind of person that likes to wear fashion designer labels, but right now these are a bit out of your reach. There are many designer inspired products that can give you a very similar look for a fraction of the cost.

Also, thanks to the Internet you can find real designer products, like authentic Coach handbags for up to 40% off the MSRP. The Internet is a wonderful invention on so many different levels. You should utilize it to check prices on products before you buy them offline. A great source for off price products are online discount retailers. If you have time to wait for items to be shipped to you buying online can save you even more money. With a little planning and attention to your fashion you can look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks.

Theresa O’Keefe is known for being the “Discount Queen.” She has a blog dedicated to ways to save money and her motto is “Have fun shopping, but Shop Smart”!

Due in part to her love of bargain shopping Ms. O’Keefe started her own online discount retail store known as: TC’s Treasures. You can find everything from jewelry to custom made bridal gowns all 20% to 40% off the retail prices offered elsewhere.

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